Education, resources, and the support you need
to live your life with purpose and vitality.


Education, resources, and the support you need to live your life with purpose and vitality.

Are you struggling to understand what is going on with your health?

  • When you talk to the doctors, do you feel like they don't have time to listen to you or explain what is happening?
  • Do you feel like your doctor is only interested in the fastest diagnosis instead of the correct one?
  • Does it feel like your doctor would rather write a prescription than create a natural solution for you?
  • When you get home from the doctors office do you feel like you are left with more questions than answers?
  • Does it feel like you are all alone with your questions, fears, and doubts?
  • Do you wish there were a better way?

Helping You On the Road to Optimal Wellness


The first step on the road to optimal wellness is a thorough diagnosis. Our preliminary blood panel helps us to discover the full range of vitamin deficiencies or disease markers you may have.

This initial intake does not focus on any particular symptoms or disease. Rather, it provides us with a broad picture of how all the systems in your body are working together.

We can trace problems back to the source - whether its a nutritional need, a problem combating illness, or some other health challenge. This broad approach means that we can optimize your health from the ground up instead of just mitigating symptoms.



Once we have an idea of what is causing poor health, we can take steps to change what is happening at the source! Many of our patients start with our two week metabolic detox plan which resets the gut function so your health journey starts on a cleaner slate.

Lifestyle Solutions

The majority of our patients achieve a radical transformation simply by changing the way they eat! Our doctors use the diagnostic results of each patients' unique lab work to recommend specific changes to the diet to support overall health. But other lifestyle changes are of utmost importance as well including sleep/rest, movement/exercise, and outlook.



Once a patient has committed to changing their lifestyle to support their health, the rest is just routine maintenance and support from the Livewell team! The difference from traditional medicine is that we are committed to long-term health and happiness.


When you don't feel well, you go to a  doctor to get answers and when you can't get those answers, it is really frustrating. In this guide, we share 3 things most doctors get wrong and why it matters.

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Attend Our Introduction to Living Well Session

Come and learn more about what you can do to take control of your health and how we can help.

Meet The Doctors

With the help of your doctor, we will create a plan for your specific needs that is designed to help you take back your health.

Get Your Life Back

With clarity and, more importantly, ownership for your outcomes, you now have control over your own journey.

Who We Are At The Livewell Clinic

Our team understands the frustration that results from SO MUCH information being available to you. You have hear conflicting information from your doctors, there is SO much content on the internet, you have a lot of information at your disposal yet you are still not well. It is almost impossible to know what to believe or who to trust, which makes you feel lost, confused, and alone. It makes you want to give-in before you even start. At the Livewell Clinic, we know you want to live a life of purpose and vitality. You are more than diagnosis and you know in order to live abundantly, you need to take control of your health. You need to know what is happening to your body and what you can do to take care of it, naturally and drug-free. We can help. Join us. Take back control. Learn more about us.