3 Things We Never Leave Home Without

Eating well and staying healthy would be easy if we weren’t busy all the time – running around, working, taking care of kids, and enjoying life!

But how do we take care of ourselves when we’re out and about? Here’s a start – the three things we can’t leave home without. What are yours?


1. Healthy snacks! You know what’s the worst? You ate a wonderful, high energy breakfast and went out to start your day, but now it’s lunchtime and you need a boost. BUT, there’s nothing around but fast food! What can you do? Easy. Always keep a variety of healthy snacks with you on long days when you need extra boosts. You can go D.I.Y. and make your own trail mix (include LOTS of nuts, seeds, dried unsweetened fruits, and maybe some fun extras like dark chocolate chips or popcorn!), or you can grab some other easy snacks. We like these beef sticks (all grass-fed, no MSG, nitrates, or antibiotics!) and also recommend these two great snack bars: Bulletproof and RxBar.

2. Peppermint essential oil! Peppermint oil has antimicrobial properties, which means it can be used as a quick and easy breath freshener. There are many first aid applications for it as well, such as relieving headaches and nausea. Since it has also been shown to boost energy and promote mental clarity, peppermint essential oil should ALWAYS be in your arsenal! Check out more uses for it here (seriously, there are way too many to list!).

3. Lots of water! This shouldn’t come as a surprise, but keeping up water consumption during the day will do wonders to keep your body working in great condition. Flush out toxins, and keep yourself hydrated so you can attack whatever plans you’ve got on your plate. And if you’re not a huge fan of water on its own, consider adding lemon juice, or get fancy and try out some infusing with your favorite fruits, veggies, and herbs! We like adding lime, cucumber, and mint leaves!

So now, we’ve got a list of three but we know there are more out there! What kinds of things do you keep handy all the time?

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