4 Ways to Avoid Letting Travel Derail Your Diet

Ahhh, summer is here and vacation season is calling.

While being on vacation is a great reason to unwind and indulge a little, a lot of people struggle with that last part: a little. Instead, vacation results in throwing off your whole routine and indulging in whatever you want, whenever you want. The return to reality is a rude awakening for your body after a vacation binger, my friend.

Maintaining your healthy diet on a summer vacation can still be pretty easy to manage with a little planning and forethought. Here’s some advice:

Choose your stay wisely.

With places like Airbnb and VRBO, you can stay somewhere nice with a fully-stocked kitchen very easily and affordably. This will allow you the space and freedom to cook most meals for yourself and then decide which local eats you want to indulge in for special lunches or dinners out and about.

If you’re staying in a hotel, consider picking one that is close to a grocery store. You’re much more likely to make healthy choices if they’re within walking distance. You can also ask the hotel to clear out the mini bar before you arrive so you can use the fridge for breakfast and snack items. No fridge? Just pick up one of those styrofoam coolers for $3 and fill it with ice from the hotel’s ice machine. Voila.


Attack with snacks.

Hungry + nothing good for you within reach = (a totally avoidable) DISASTER waiting to happen. If you’re stuck in an airport, on a plane, or enduring endless hours in the car…you’ll want to have a snack pack. Here are some non-refrigerated options I’d recommend:

  • Nuts and seeds
  • Dried fruit
  • Jerky like EPIC Bars
  • Larabars or Rx Bars
  • Kale, sweet potato, coconut or seaweed chips
  • Individual packs of almond butter
  • On-the-go shake packets


One, two, done.

Each day pick your one cheat item. Limit yourself to two drinks. Be done. Move on. Don’t make your trip a gut-busting affair.


Research Restaurants

Local cuisine can be the highlight of any vacation. If picking your own restaurants, you can search directly in Google, Yelp, or TripAdvisor for keywords like “grass-fed” or “gluten-free” along with “restaurant” and the name of city you’re visiting. Take a look at the menus online to see if there are options that cater to your diet.


Whatever you do, please do not stress about food imperfection. Digestive distress is often caused by stress. That’s why these tips are here — to help you think ahead so you aren’t stressing about it later.
Bon voyage and bon appetite!

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