Having leaky gut is essentially like having the gates from your intestines to your blood stream broken open, so that many of the particles that should never have been able to enter can now get through.  When this happens, it causes inflammation throughout your body, leading to a variety of chronic diseases and health concerns that would otherwise be “seemingly unrelated”. Here are 9 common symptoms that may indicate you have a leaky gut:

Gas & Bloating

As we age, and the more stress we have, our ability to digest food decreases. This causes food particles to not be processed fully and bacteria to ferment, leading to inflammatory gas formation. This inflammation stresses the all-important walls of the gut, making it more leaky.

Fatigue & Brain Fog

When you have a leaky gut, it promotes more inflammation for your stress hormone to fix. As your stress hormone is called into action, this can literally wear you out, even if you’re getting 8 hours of sleep per night. Think of your body’s stress hormone in ‘full-alert’ all day, every day. That is not going to leave much energy for you!

Weight Gain

High amounts of toxicity accompany a leaky gut. As things like particles of undigested foods, bacteria, and environmental toxins sneak through the gut barrier, the body can see this as a threat. A way for the body to neutralize these toxins is to store more water. This adds to increased water weight and even fat weight to the body, all in an effort to keep you safe from toxins.

Thyroid Disorders

If the thyroid is not working optimally, there usually are other things contributing to its dysfunction. Leaky gut is one of those factors. An increase in leaky gut leads to excess toxins and inflammation. These can actually affect the thyroid’s performance levels, or more commonly, prevent your body from listening to what the thyroid is saying. This is why so many people can be told by their doctors that their lab results are normal, even though they are experience textbook thyroid disorder symptoms.

Joint Pain

When someone has a leaky gut, the immune system surrounding and protecting the gut is bombarded with foregin material. The immune system does its work to help fight back, but over time can get behind and lose the battle. If it falls too far behind, the immune system may produce an all-out assult to try and keep things in check. Foreign invaders and nromal parts of your body can start to look the same to your immune system. Unfortunately, joint tissue is one that can commonly be seen as enemy during this time. Furthermore, as stated above, increased storage of water in the body to help neutralize toxins can put more pressure and stress on joints.


More and more couples, especially females, are struggling with infertility. Leaky gut is a primary concern that an infertility specialist will likely not tell you about. How can your gut be linked to infertility? The increase in stress hormones the body makes to combat a leaky gut can decrease a woman’s progesterone, which is needed for a healthy pregnancy. Although added hormones may help, sometimes getting to the root cause of progesterone deficiencies is what is needed to support fertility.


Most of your immune system is located in or around your gut. This is good as the gut is exposed to lots of things that can cause harm. A gut that is leaky and over-excited due to foreign threats can lead to a situation that increases seasonal allergies. Not only seasonal allergies, but allergies to foods as well.

Eczema & Skin Rashes

The skin has been termed a reflection of the gut. This is because the skin is the body’s largest detoxification organ. If toxic material can not be processed correctly in the gut, making it more leaky, the skin can be burdened and show signs of changes.

Hormone Changes

Hormone changes are often linked to aging or even troubles with hormone-producing organs and glands. Even though aging does impact hormone output, so can a leaky gut. Hormones are detoxified in the gut to allow optimal function in the body. With a leaky gut, sometimes hormones are not eliminated properly, leading to many imbalances. Whether a teenage girl, or a middle-aged woman, fixing a leaky gut is key in supporting optimal hormone health.

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