Hi There Spouse-

First off, you have a lovely counterpart. He/she is a gem. But you already know that.

What you might not know is just how miserable your spouse/our patient has been. Maybe they’ve tried everything, with little result. They’re frustrated, disappointed, hopeless, and maybe depressed. And you, as their spouse and closest companion, are likely feeling some of these same things too.

The symptoms may not be apparent and the solutions are often even less so. But he/she knows their body. Your spouse may not be able to pinpoint what feels “wrong” or verbalize what they are experiencing. And they shouldn’t have to. It’s intuition, and your spouse needs you to believe him/her when they say something isn’t right and treatments x, y, and z were ineffective. Or maybe they came across functional medicine in some research and it clicked with what they are experiencing.

At the Livewell Clinic, we discover the why behind the what: the underlying cause presented in the exhibited symptoms. From there, we develop a plan to treat the cause.

And (are you ready for this?), the journey isn’t going to look like what you’ve seen other clinics/doctors/practitioners prescribe. We’re not here to eschew or criticize the widely accepted methods. But we are here to offer something different, which can be scary and uncertain. However, functional medicine is a proven practice. Patient success stories and research are on our side.

But this letter isn’t to defend our methods or laude our success rates. Our purpose in writing is to tell you just how much your spouse needs you. A support system is vital to your spouse’s success. We can provide the directions and lay out the path, but our patients need a travel companion to encourage and support them from day to day.

What does support look like? Speaking encouraging words, celebrating successes, believing your spouse when they say something isn’t right with their bodies, and trusting your spouse (and their care team) to make the right choices. Support looks like coming alongside your spouse in their new diet plan, not expecting separate meals or saying “cheating” is no big deal.

Much like marriage, good things are not always easy things. And that is often the ethos of our patients’ journeys. It will be difficult, but it is worth it. It is so, so worth it. But they need you to walk this path with them. They need someone to say “you can do it” and “you did it”.

And we can think of no better person than you to fill that role.

Are you in?

The Livewell Team

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