Beth’s New Patient Journey

“When I’ve gone to the doctor with minor health issues, I’ve been dissatisfied with the level of care. It’s always brief and rarely makes me feel like we’re truly addressing my health.” -Beth D.

Have you ever felt this way with your traditional healthcare provider?

You’re not alone.

After years of feeling like she was “a box that needs checked,” Beth came to the Livewell Clinic for an info session – and she connected with our mission. She was tired of feeling like her health issues were getting in the way of activities and adventures with her family, and she wasn’t getting answers from her traditional doctor.

Here’s what she said about her information session at Livewell:

“As I listened to Christina talk, I reflected on my own health issues and how I frequently felt they were dismissed by my doctor. This led me to see them as less significant, not worthy of attention, and most likely without cure. The concept of discovery leading to healing, in turn leading to support, helped me realize this organization was committed to fully exploring each step.”

We’re so happy that Beth latched onto one of our core goals at Livewell. Here, we are not focused on covering up symptoms. We want to investigate, get to the source of the symptoms, and work to create treatment plans individualized for each patient. And when Beth returned for her blood panel and follow-up, she discovered just how in-depth we go to find the root of illness in the body.

She was impressed by the speed of the blood panel appointment – only 15-20 minutes, no stress. Our skilled nurses make quick work of acquiring the blood and urine samples, without rushing! After two weeks, she returned for an appointment with Dr. Lori to go over her results.

Here’s what she said: “She explained everything! I felt very much a part of the conversation and she was helping me to understand things…whereas when I would go to my previous doctor’s office I never really got an explanation for whatever my symptoms were. It felt like she knew me medically as well as personally.”

We know that there’s no real way to make progress without helping you first to understand how and why changes need to be made! Going over each patient’s blood panel in full helps us to develop treatment plans that are precise – less guessing, more practical solutions.

As we talked to Beth, the conversation turned to insurance. We know many potential patients are leery of committing to healthcare that isn’t covered. And we understand that. But Beth says that not having to rely on insurance to make decisions regarding her health is a blessing:

I don’t want insurance to be in charge of how I feel. Sure, the money is coming out of my pocket, but that means I can control my treatment. What I’m paying for is control and customization. I want someone to take the time to figure out who I am and what my body really needs instead of letting the insurance company decide for me.”

We know that not every patient is able to pay in full at the time of treatment, but we firmly believe that cost shouldn’t be a barrier to a healthy lifestyle. That’s why we offer many different payment plans and support from our office staff to find one that works for your budget. These are discussed with both potential patients in our Functional Medicine 101 info sessions and with patients deciding on care options. There truly is a solution for everyone.

Beth is excited to continue exploring her health and treatment options here at Livewell. And we’re excited to help her shift her view from simply treating the symptoms to true optimization of her health. When we asked her what she would say to people considering joining the Livewell Clinic as a patient, she said:

“It’s a support center. They will spend the time to understand you personally.”

We couldn’t have said it any better ourselves.


If you’re ready to change the way you approach healthcare, we’re ready to help. The first step is attending a Functional Medicine 101 Info Session! Find a time that works for you here. We can’t wait to meet you!

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  1. Nancy W on March 21, 2017 at 8:03 pm

    I can totally relate to what Beth is saying here! After Functional Medicine 101 I felt a true sense of what it might mean to have –at last — someone who can actually address my longstanding health issues. I really was brought to tears that evening; from a sense of relief.

    A year ago I visited with my mainstream doctor about “what if I just took ibuprofen on a regular basis to help with my pain.” I simply did not want another prescription and I was giving up on ever feeling any better. That doctor thought about it and told me “fine, that it would be okay for me to do. Couldn’t hurt.” i still didn’t want to give in; not yet anyway, so I kept searching for someone who could help.

    I’m feeling better and things haven’t been easy, and I’m not there yet — but I’m heading down the right path! And there is a whole staff of people who are helping me on this journey, which I am so thankful for.

    It’s been interesting to learn about what goes on inside me –and why I feel the way I do, good & bad. What it all boils down to is that Functional Medicine is just so LOGICAL! I’m glad to have found this avenue towards better health.

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