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Introduction to Living Well Events

Do you have questions about Functional Medicine?  Do you wonder what the life of a Livewell Clinic Patient is like?  Are you curious about our services or how this clinic could help you? Join us for an event designed just for you.

This evening's experience will include Q&A time with our clinicians and an opportunity to have all your questions answered by members of our team.  Our office will be open if you'd like to have a tour of our facilities as well.

Our goal for the evening is to provide education and information that will support your health journey.  We are here to serve you.  Come with an open mind and an appetite for good food (and maybe even a glass of wine).


Livewell Chat

Let's talk about Sugar!

The holidays are upon us. We will all be trying to find a way to enjoy this time of year and manage our nutrition as well. Sugar is everywhere and in everything. It suppresses the immune system and it is a hidden ingredient in processed foods. Can we avoid it? How? Why? What are some ways to make delicious foods (and even treats) in a way that is less detrimental to the progress we have made on our wellness journey?

These are the types of questions that our patients ask Livewell. Join us for a candid discussion about sugar!


Special Events

Holiday Patient Potluck

As we watch our community grow, we are noticing that you enjoy sharing ideas (and mostly recipes) with each other. To honor and encourage that we are hosting a holiday patient potluck. Bring the recipes for dessert, appetizers and treats you have most enjoyed embracing as you have changed the way you think about nutrition.

Have you adapted a favorite recipe to make it healthier? Have you learned to love something you never ate before?

Bring a food or dish to share along with the recipe to our potluck. Our team will contribute as well! We hope you leave excited about some of the dishes you can prepare for your friends and family this season.

We will make copies of all recipes so you can build up your healthy recipe collection.

This event is open to patients and non-patients alike so please feel free to bring a friend or two.


Online Events

Join us for Facebook Live events every Thursday at 11:30 am on various health topics.