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Introduction to Living Well Events

Do you have questions about Functional Medicine?  Do you wonder what the life of a Livewell Clinic Patient is like?  Are you curious about our services or how this clinic could help you? Join us for an event designed just for you.

This evening's experience will include Q&A time with our clinicians and an opportunity to have all your questions answered by members of our team.  Our office will be open if you'd like to have a tour of our facilities as well.

Our goal for the evening is to provide education and information that will support your health journey.  We are here to serve you.  Come with an open mind and an appetite for good food (and maybe even a glass of wine).


Livewell Chat

Tips To Keep Your Family Well

The race is back on. The more relaxed summer schedule is coming to an end. School will soon be back in session and with that comes exposure to a new set of germs and seasonal illnesses. How can we keep our families health and immune system in tip top shape? What do Livewell Clinic team members have in their medicine cabinets?

For September's Livewell Chat, Dr. Lori will provide some insight into all of these things.

As always, there will be a brief presentation but we will save plenty of time for questions. This event is open to patients and non patients alike so please feel free to bring a friend or two.


Special Events

"I tried it!" Family-friendly Food Tasting Event