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Food Allergy Testing

Attention! Your opportunity ends July 31st!

AppleThe Livewell Clinic is offering a special on food allergy testing OR a customized meal plan and consult with a certified paleo nutritionist!

  • Did you know you could be allergic to an organic apple!
  • Did you know you could have food allergies and not even realize it?
  • Food allergies have exploded in the last few years and they can cause an array of health problems from mild to severe.
  • It is important to get tested to know what your immune system is responding to.
  • The foods that people are allergic to include much more than the common list that people usually think of.
  • If you have been tested and have some allergies, what then? How do you eat? Where do you get help?

End the mystery of what is going on inside your body when it comes to your food. Get professional help on how to implement a nutrition protocol just for you! You can only take advantage of ONE special below based on whether you have had a food allergy test done!

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NO, I have NOT had a food allergy test done.


YES, I have had a food allergy test done!



Aimee McNew, Certified Nutritionist, MNT

We are glad to be working with Aimee at the Livewell Clinic and we know you will be too! Here is a little bit more about her…

Aimee McNewI became a nutritionist because my own health journey has been bumpy at best. Starting around age 5, I was always a sickly kid having everything from mono to strep throat on an almost yearly basis. At the age of 20, I developed debilitating fatigue that worsened over the next few years to the point that I could barely function and had pretty much stopped living life.

My early twenties were spent gaining weight, feeling miserable, and losing hope for my life. After trying everything that I could to lose weight, I broke down and got serious about my nutrition. I discovered food allergies through testing, and when I eliminated those foods and started eating a Paleo diet, my life turned around in less than six months’ time. I lost 70 pounds, gained energy, and fit into smaller pants than I ever dreamed I could have.

I was shocked to realize that I felt human again. Because nutrition made such a dramatic impact in my own life, I went back to school to get a master’s degree in nutrition therapy. I have been in practice since 2010, counseling women and girls on how to regain their energy, lose weight, improve fertility, and calm autoimmune reactions.

While I’ve been diagnosed with many conditions (fibromyalgia, Celiac disease, myalgic encephalomyelitis, Hashimoto’s thyroid disease, pernicious anemia, chemical sensitivities, MTHFR, MTHFD, anticardiolipin antibodies, PAI-1 4g variant), my quality of life and health has far surpassed what any doctor expected from me. While I have struggled to have a child due to immunological issues and repeated miscarriages, my doctor and medical team are still baffled that I am doing so well physically. I tell them every time that it’s because of the Paleo diet.

Nutrition is not just classroom knowledge for me; it’s daily life. It’s a vital part of my existence. I have survived the tragic farewell to favorite foods and have come out on the other side much happier for it. Living without doesn’t have to be painful. It might not be easy, but health is a far greater reward than anything else, and I wouldn’t trade it for being able to eat hotdogs, pizza, and cupcakes. (Although, it should be noted, that there are Paleo recipes for everything I’ve ever had to give up!)

In 2010, I completed certification to become a nutritionist (School of Natural Health Sciences). In 2012 I graduated as a Certified Nutritionist from Nutrition Therapy Institute, and in 2014 I graduated with a master’s degree in holistic nutrition therapy (MNT). I am currently a candidate for board certification in holistic nutrition, which is a credential offered by the National Association of Nutrition Professionals (NANP).

I live in northeast Indiana with my husband, Marvin, and our Boston Terrier, Gracie.