As the autumn chill moves in and the hectic holiday season looms, many of us may be feeling like we need a little boost to perform at our best. Most people will turn to oral supplements and added vitamins to give them a kick in their step.

And sure, oral supplements are great. they work reasonable well and are located right over the counter at your local supermarket pharmacy. However, they’re actually overpriced for what you get, and much of that nutritional goodness is wasted during the digestion process.

When your body is deprived of vital nutrients, you want to get them quick and ensure that you’re getting 100% of the benefits that you pay for. That’s why we offer IV vitamin therapy, the optimal way to deliver nutrients straight into your bloodstream, so you can start feeling the benefits immediately.

The difference all comes down to the delivery system. To access the vitamins contained in oral supplements, your body has to do a lot of work to break them down and get them to where they need to go. Water soluble vitamins – the type contain did every oral supplement – are large molecules that require assistance to pass from your intestinal track into your blood. Not only that, but your body’s ability to transport these vitamins can depend largely on your lifestyle and health.

With IV therapy, your body can skip all that extra work and waste and deliver the nutrients directly to where they belong: your blood. All it takes is an hour or so in the clinic, after which you’ll feel the effects within as little as 10 minutes! Best of all, the effects last longer than your typical multivitamin, with multiple days of benefit from a quick visit to our clinic.

Don’t let a lack of vitamins get in the way of your house. Come on into the Livewell clinic and give IV therapy a try today!

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