The first step on the road to optimal wellness is a thorough diagnosis. Our preliminary blood panel helps us to discover the full range of vitamin deficiencies or disease markers you may have.

This initial panel does not focus on any particular symptom or disease. Rather, it provides us with a broad picture of how all the systems in your body are working together.
We can trace problems back to the source – whether it’s a vitamin deficiency, a difficulty processing certain nutrients, or some other issue. This broad approach means that we can optimize your health from the ground up instead of just mitigating symptoms.

Doctor Picture

This is a symbiotic relationship!
About 80% of you getting well depends on you. I’m just here to give you the help and direction you need to be successful. Remember, if you change your health, you can change your life!

Dr. Zac Watkins


Once we have an idea of what is causing poor health, we can take steps to change what is happening at the source! Many of our patients start with our two week detox program which resets gut function so treatment starts on a cleaner slate.

"My energy is increased. I have more clarity." ~Cheryl M. - Actual Patient


Lifestyle Solutions

The majority of our patients can achieve a radical transformation simply by changing the way they eat! Our doctors use the results of a patient’s blood panel to recommend specific changes to the diet to support overall health. The benefit of using the blood panel to inform a new diet is that each eating plan is completely tailored to the individual.

"I am a new person..." ~Heather B. - Actual Patient


Once a patient has committed to changing their lifestyle to support their health, the rest is just routine maintenance and support from the Livewell team! The difference from traditional medicine is that we are committed to long-term health and happiness.

"The pain is almost gone!" ~ Dorothy L. - Actual Patient