Kelsey R.

“I hadn't had a period since January. After 2 days on the detox and IV Vitamin C, my period started. That was important to us because we are trying to get pregnant.”

Dorothy L.

“Very big improvement in my neck pain. After 3 years of constant pain and degenerative disc disease and arthritis diagnosis, I am experiencing much relief. The pain is almost gone!”

Heather B.

“My chronic aches and inflammation were making my work as a massage therapist impossible. I'm a firm believer in getting to the root cause and turned to Livewell for answers. I'm ecstatic  to report after following all of the advice and treatments, I'm a new person with way more energy to care for my clients. Thank you!”

Cheryl M.

“My energy is increased. I feel so much better. I have more clarity. My patience level is a lot better. I feel like I have my S*@t together!”