We are so excited to launch the Livewell Clinic blog and we are excited you are here reading it!

To our patients, we hope it will be a supplemental resource to the care you receive in our office. To others, we hope you can learn a little bit more about functional medicine and how our philosophies and strategies can help you live a life of optimal health.

So what are we going to be talking about?

Eating. Because how you fuel your body correlates directly to how you feel and your overall health.

Living. Because we know wellness isn’t just physiological. It’s everything: your exercise habits, mental well-being, relationships, and well, your whole life.

Caring. Because your course of treatment extends beyond what happens in appointments. We wish we could clone ourselves and be with you more often as you walk through this journey. But since we can’t, we’ll be starting a conversation here about the topics that relate to you as a patient of functional medicine, whether you are someone we see in our office or someone who is practicing the tenets of functional medicine.

If you’re new here, be sure to meet Dr. Zac and the rest of our staff,and learn more about functional medicine.
Again, welcome. We are glad you are here.

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