In every conceivable manner, the family is link to our past, bridge to our future. Alex Haley

You received your genetic makeup from your parents and passed it on to your children. Maybe you see your dad every time you look in the mirror or your kids sport your mom’s signature curly blonde locks. Unfortunately, these endearing hereditary markers can come with a predisposition for certain illnesses and conditions.

That’s looking back. And when it comes to wellbeing, you need to look back (your history, genetics, etc.), but you need to look forward, too.

What are you doing today to achieve your optimal health — for your present and for your future? What changes are you making to prevent the onset of diseases you (and your kids) may be susceptible to because of your genetic makeup?

When you’re reaching for optimal health, you have more energy, you’re not bogged down by a chronic condition or constantly worried about your health.

And so your efforts extends beyond just you.

What’s good for you is good for your family.

And good for the individuals in your family.

The changes you are implementing in your diet can be changes the whole family can benefit from. We’ve seen so many cases where Mom starts our eating well plan and feeds her family the same foods. Suddenly, she’s feeling better and her kids are also seeing improvements in their health. ADHD symptoms lessen. A lingering sports injury is no longer a problem.

While that sounds like perfection in writing, the real life implementation can be tricky. (Whose kid hasn’t refused to eat a new food?) A few suggestions to put it into practice:

Be open and honest. Explain why you’re making these changes and the positive outcomes that will result — for yourself, for individual family members, and your family as a whole.

Start slow. You, as the patient, will need to adhere to the plan (doctor’s orders!), but you can ease your family into it.

Bring everyone into the planning. Talk about all the options and what foods everyone wants to try. Search out recipes together.

Reward yourselves. Celebrate your milestones with a special outing or a purchase that the whole family can enjoy. (It’s up to you if you want to make this the puppy your kids have been wanting – we’ll stay out of that one!) And your reward system can be as simple or detailed as you want. Maybe it’s “after a month, we’ll go do X” or you implement a chart system to track your progress with mini rewards along the way.

You can do this. Your family can do this.

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